BuildSafari is a comprehensive cost friendly and easy to use travel planning software that enables tour and travel companies to create unforgettable trips for their customers. We understand that planning a trip can be overwhelming and time-consuming, so we’ve designed this software to simplify the process and make it enjoyable.

The software is designed to enhance climate-resilient and low carbon energy infrastructural systems in the travel industry. Our software centralizes data from multiple service providers like hotels, homestays, car rentals, tour operators, activity providers. Using API and SMS integration with tools like itinerary builder, booking management, and built in pricing carbon footprint calculator, Low Carbon Transport Options, Climate Impact Analytics streamlining travel arrangements and reducing time and costs involved in trip planning. It promotes sustainable practices, such as low carbon transport options, climate-resilient accommodations, and renewable energy partnerships, to help businesses adapt to climate challenges and mitigate their environmental impact. By empowering the travel industry to prioritize sustainability, the innovation contributes to climate change adaptation and mitigation while appealing to the growing segment of eco-conscious travelers. It targets tour operators, hoteliers, homestays, agri tourism farmlands, car rental service providers, and activity providers.

With our software, tour operators save significant time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manually researching and organizing travel arrangements. Our software aggregates information from multiple service providers, presenting users with a comprehensive view of available options, prices, and deals. By optimizing search algorithms, it quickly identifies the best choices, saving tour operators from the tedious task of individually comparing multiple websites.

Gone are the days of endless tabs and confusing booking processes. With our travel planning software, we’ve streamlined the booking experience to make it effortless and stress-free. Easily compare prices, find the best deals, and book hotels, accommodations, activities, and more, all in one place. We partner with trusted providers in Uganda, ensuring you receive the highest quality service and value for your money.

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