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Our Impact Model

As an environmentally and socially beneficial enterprise, Canine Safaris Ltd places a strong emphasis on responsible and sustainable tourism practices. The company strives to minimize its environmental impact by promoting eco-friendly initiatives such Oweitu Ni’Nkore Project that aims at strengthening the role of communities in the tourism business ecosystem to boost domestic tourism and develop agriculture as a tourism product.

Sustainable Tourism

Project Oweitu Ni'Nkore

We are developing a Regional Project “Oweitu Ni’Nkore” Project aimed at strengthening thr role of communities in the tourism business ecosystem to boost domestic tourism and devlop agriculture as a tourism product. With a focus on capacity building, product development, and marketing, the project seeks to empower local farmers, farm site guides, and institutions in the Ankole region of Uganda. The project covers thirteen (13) districts of Ankole Region and its stipulated timeline is three(3) financial years.

Project BuildSafari Software

BuildSafari is a comprehensive cost friendly and easy to use travel planning software that enables tour and travel companies to create unforgettable trips for their customers. We understand that planning a trip can be overwhelming and time consuming, so we’ve designed our software to simplify the process and make it enjoyable. With our software, tour operators will save significant time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manually researching and organizing travel arrangements. Our
software aggregates information from multiple service providers, presenting users with a comprehensive view of available options, prices, and deals. By optimizing search algorithms, it quickly identifies the best choices, saving tour operators from the tedious task of individually comparing multiple websites. The software has reduced costs by optimizing
itineraries and bookings and reduced the use of paper which is harmful to the environment.

Industrial Training Programs

We have empowered individuals and communities by offering mentorship, training, and support. We have supported students from 8 tertiary institutions of learning, 10 cohorts with 87 university students trained and provided with demand driven skills and competences in the tourism industry to help them achieve their goals and build successful businesses, leading to increased economic opportunities and

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